Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Presenting the Copper Princess!

After a tiring day at the zoo, we got home and put everyone to bed.  Around 5:30am I woke up not feeling great...didn't take me too long to recognize my lovely friend, back labour!  So...decided to draw a nice hot bath.  The idea was not to go to the hospital too early, for 2 reasons.  One, so that I could stay where I was most comfortable as long as possible, and two so that the medical professionals had as little time to mess around with me as possible.  You might think reason number 2 a bit over the top...but my luck with medical professionals involved in my delivery's has not been great.  Finally I woke up Big E with the news that things were moving along and we needed to get the ball rolling - make the phone calls and get into the car.  We got to the hospital and you have to walk through the doors, down a relatively long hall way to the elevators and go to the 4th floor.  (I'm OBVIOUSLY in labour by this point.)  We head to labour and delivery and then get told that we've got to go over to induction/examination first.  So we head down a different hall and get told, once we get there and I'm kneeling and leaning on a chair to get through a contraction, that because I'm a midwifery patient I actually have to go back to labour and delivery.  (SERIOUSLY!?!?)  SO...back we go.  They put us in the room at the very end of the hall way...it's like they wanted to make sure I walked a lot...lol.  The midwife got there, thanks to traffic, just in time to catch our Copper Princess who was born at 8:31am. 

 We get her all dressed to go home...little did we know that the medical professionals would appear and we'd be staying our 24 hours after all.
 But all the nurses liked seeing her in her little outfit, "OH!!...we never get to see them dressed up like this!" they would tell me.
 All 8lbs 1oz of her...my biggest baby!

 Proud brothers came up later in the day to meet their sister.

 Except Sprout was exhausted by the day he'd had and never woke up!
Then they left and went home, I slept over night and talked with the doctors.  One came in and checked a couple of things and then asked, "Has anyone ever told you that you have a heart murmur?"  My first thought, after answering, No....was "Dang it, I KNEW I should have had this baby at home...every time I'm in a hospital they go searching to find something wrong!"  So in about a month I get to experience my first electrocardiogram...which I'm relatively certain will find nothing at all. 
Time for catch-up (again).  I think I'll jump around a bit...bear with me!  June 22nd we went to the zoo.  We walked around looking at the animals for a good hour and a half.  I didn't walk fast...but I walked consistently.  The kids went on the carosel, the paddle boats and enjoyed seeing the elephant and the big cats.  What was really great is that it was an activity arranged by our agency and so we were able to go and tour after the zoo had been closed to the general public.  This meant the animals were a bit more active (being later in the evening and fewer people around) and NO crowds, and NO waiting.  I loved it!  Here are some pictures:

 Princess Curly was NOT impressed with the horses and sat with me on a bench for the carosel ride.
 Wasn't I HUGE!?!?
 (Here's a picture for comparison's sake.)
 Little Dude was jumping up and down while pushing the stroller, making the baby laugh and laugh!
 Baby chicks!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Some introductions are in order.  Meet Princess Curly,

 and her brother Wiggles.
 I didn't realize we had stadium seating in our home!
 Here's Sprout trying to get in on Munchkin's photo op.
 Munchkin has finally figured out how to pump his legs to go on the swings!!!!

 Little Dude's preferred activity at a sandy park...digging the deepest hole possible!
 Princess Curly practicing her mobility.  She was pretty tipsy a month ago-but is getting her sea legs now!
 Handsome Wiggles!  He's even got dimples when he smiles.
 Woohoo!!  Down the slide.
 It's a great thing to have big brothers who are willing to give you a push!
 The last day of Munchkin's 'fro'.  We cut the curls that night and he's down to just 1/4 inch of hair.  Looks WAY different!
 Big brother walking.
 Sprout went down and is now thinking he'll go up the same way.

Some homeschool 'stuff'

Munchkin has been on a massive LEGO build streak.  Here's one build he's especially proud of - these are builds that he creates himself, no LEGO instruction booklet!

 His pick-up truck.  He later upgraded it to a big rig and built a flat bed trailer to go with it.
 We took part in a 3 hour Bugology Class at a lake outside the city.  We'd learned some stuff about insects, but now was the time to put our knowledge to the test!
 Even Sprout got in on the action.  The class was for 5-8 year olds, but since it was a homeschool class younger siblings were allowed to participate with parental assistance.  I was surprised how little assistance Sprout needed, he was ALL IN!

 Then they played a game to teach them about predators and prey and about how environmental hazards work their way up the food chain.  Munchkin was one of the lowest on the food chain - a shrimp.
 Little Dude was half way up the food chain - a duck...when the game started, he went looking for Munchkin and Sprout (among others) to steal the food they'd been 'eating' and putting in their buckets.

 Good thing Sprout runs fast!!...those 8 year olds have long legs!
All the boys had fun and fortunately it was a beautiful day! 

Hello again!

 What is this you ask?  This is Munchkin's LEGO rendition of a wrestling match between him, Little Dude and Big E.  I'm pretty sure Big E is the one on the bottom!
Here's a peek at the real thing!

A fun time was had by all at Easter...the Easter Bunny was a little wiser this year and so while maximum fun was had...minimum candy haul was in evidence.

 Some wanted to hunt practically naked!